Tadeusz Piekarski

IT specialist

Specializing in comprehensive IT solutions for businesses and institutions in Krakow, Poland. With over five years of experience and a track record of serving over 60 clients, I am prepared to deliver top-tier IT services aimed at ensuring the security and efficiency of your operations.

What's it like to collaborate with me?

I had the pleasure of collaborating with Tadeusz in managing the IT affairs of my company, and I can confidently recommend him as a professional, reliable, and exceptionally pleasant employee.

In the world of IT projects, different tasks often need different experts. I’ve been lucky to try out many roles myself. This helps me know who’s the best fit for each job, making sure your IT projects run smoothly.

Ted is professional and well-skilled IT specialist, who helped us get out of trouble many times. His skills are wide enough to fix various issues ranging from hardware systems projects and expansion through networking and server administration to general IT services. We're happy and proud to have such a business partner and we strongly recommend cooperation with him!
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